Potter County School History

This site has been created to help preserve the history of all of the schools in Potter County, PA., and to make that material available to everyone.  I add photographs and information sent to me by the Potter County Historical Society, digital copies  I have made at the Historical Society and also material  from alumni, family, friends and others. I will publish new material as often as I can.
While searching for old Coudersport High School photographs to use for a display at our school reunion, I found that it was very difficult to find school photos prior to 1948. The best repository for photos, news articles and other memorabilia was the Potter County Historical Society. We need to make that collection more complete.
You can help by telling your family and friends about this project. Ask them to search their photographs, scrapbooks, and files and look for material relating to the schools of Potter County.  Then they need to take these treasures from their past to the Potter County Historical Society to donate the originals or to get them copied so that we can create files for each school by year.
 The Potter County Historical Society is located at 308 North Main Street in Coudersport, PA 16915.
The web site address is  http://history.pottercountypa.net/
The hours of operation are Monday and Friday from 1 to 4 PM .
You can call them during at (814) 274-4410 or (814) 848-3942.
You may also email the Historical Society at : pottercohist@zitomedia.net
Please identify any emails in the subject line so that they know it concerns the Potter County schools.

 The Potter County Historical Society could also use your help in getting this material identified, sorted, put in binders, in CD format and online.  If you are interested in helping and live in the Coudersport area, please call the Historical Society and offer your help.

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